Well Crap

I was cleaning my blog, deleting a bunch old posts, and accidentally deleted some I didn't want to. I'm going to repost a few, so if you have a subscription you may see odd old posts floating in because of that.

Unfortunately there's no blogger recover or trash can feature that I can just undo the delete. Frowny face. Also, while I can repost them, the comments are gone. And unfortunately it seems I can't post them to the same URL. The blogger post URL seems to be irrevocably marked with the post date, and even if I retro-date the post, it munges the URL to not be the same as the original.

ADD : I reposted a few of the ones I wanted to save. The new links are :

cbloom rants 09-27-08 On LZ and ACB
cbloom rants 10-05-08 Rant on New Arithmetic Coders
cbloom rants 10-06-08 Followup on the Russian Range Coder
cbloom rants 10-07-08 Random file stuff I've learned
cbloom rants 10-07-08 A little more on arithmetic coding ...
cbloom rants 10-08-08 Arithmetic coders throw away accuracy in lots of little places.
cbloom rants 10-10-08 On LZ Optimal Parsing
cbloom rants 10-10-08 On the Art of Good Arithmetic Coder Use


Unknown said...

How about posting a link to the archive.org snapshots for those posts that have meaningful comments?

Renderwonk said...

On a loosely connected note - the tech documents on your old site (e.g. http://www.cbloom.com/3d/techdocs/vipm.txt.) seem to have disappeared recently (the Google cache for that page dates to June 26). Any chance those would come back? We have references to a bunch of them in the "Real-Time Rendering" book, and we've been wondering what to do about those references in the new edition.

cbloom said...

I put the techdocs/ folder back up. It's all so old that I don't think it's anything but a historical curiosity.

Renderwonk said...

Thanks! It's good to have those available, even if it's just for tracing the history of certain techniques.

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